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Ganpati Stotras - Ganesh Ashtkam - गणपति स्त्रोत्र

Ganesha Ashtkam

An octet of Lord Gajanana removes poverty and all obstacles. Eight verses in a prayer called the Ashtkam. These octets recitation pleased God Ganpati. There are three famous octets of Ganesha. Ganesh Ashtkam, Ganeshashtkam, Sankatharan Ganesh Ashtkam. A devotee should recitation of this ashtk on the great festival of "Ganesh Chathurti". Ganeshashtkam is made by Ganesha himself. "Mahatamya" of this ashtkam is that if this ashtk recited eight days provides "siddhi", if recited for a month, it gives profit, wisdom, children and all happiness. It assumed that singing of the Sankat Haran Ashtkam removes problems from the life. All these Ganesha invocations should be sung during worship of him which sound very pleasant.

Ganesh Ashtkam - Ganesh Octets - Ganesh Ashtk

Gajanan Strotram - God Ganesh Prayer - Ganesh Octets - Ganpati Ashtkam - Ganesh Ashtk

Gajanana Prayers

Gajanan Stotra - गजानन स्त्रोत्र

Gajanan Stotra

Ganesh Ashtkam (Octet) - गणेश अष्टक प्रथम

Ganesh Aashtk

Ganesh Ashtkam (Octet) - गणेश अष्टक द्वितीय

Ganesh Aashtkam

Sankat Haran Ganesh Ashtkam - संकट हरण गणेश अष्टक

Sankat Haran Ganesh Aashtkam

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