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Ganesh Kavcham - Ganesha Sanskrit Stotras

God Ganesha Kavcham

Ganesha is great God in Hinduism. Riddhi and Siddhi are wifes of God Ganpati. He rides on a rat called "Mushakraj". There are many prayers of Kavcham in Hindu religion, some of the famous praises of Ganesha are Haridra Ganesh Kavch and Vakratund Kavcham. It assumed that recitation on daily basis appeases the Lord, and native can gets grace of him easily. Kavcham means Armour which protects from any problem and injury in life. Divinity Ganesha called "Ekdanta" also. Recitation of Ganesh Kavcham protects wealth and health problems and gives all happiness in the life. Haridra Ganesh Kavcham gives money, fame, and reduce evil effects of all the planets. Ganesha worship is essential for starting any auspicious work. Ganesha Gayatri mantra is:

"Om Ekdantaya Vidmahe Vakrtundayay Dheemahi Tanno Danti Prachodayat"
"ॐ एकदंताय विद्महे वक्रतुन्दयाय धीमहि तन्नो दंती प्रचोदयात"

Ganesh Kavcham - Bhagwan Shri Ganesh Strotram - Ganesh Prayers - Ganesh Armour

Ganpati Armour - Ganesh Kavch

Haridra Ganesh Kavcham - हरिद्रा गणेश कवच

Haridra Ganesh Kavcham

Vakratund Ganesh Kavcham (Armour) - वक्रतुंड गणेश कवच

Vakratund Ganesh Kavcham

Ekakshar Ganpati Kavcham - एकाक्षर गणपति कवचम

Ekakshar Ganpati Kavcham

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