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Devi Prayers - Durga Stotra - देवी प्राथर्ना - स्त्रोत्र

Mata Mahadevi

The Chandi Armor or any other kavcham of The Goddess Durga prevents unwanted circumstances in life and saves the life from dangers. Durga kavcham saves devotee's all obstacles during the recitation of prayers or chants or under any circumstances. Through Armor, devotee says to Goddess Chandi to save his/her life, body, and remove all sorrows. Durga Kilak and Argala Stotra should be recited after Chandi Kavcham because any Armor has a lock and the key. So the Argala is known as a locking-chain and Kilak is known as the key. In a kavcham, devotees pray to Goddess Durga to save their body, soul, and life from any type of danger. Kavcham is for protecting life and soul. Kavch, Argala, and Kilak are most important prayers in Durga Sapatsati and the reader should read these three prayers before recitation the chapter of Sapatsati.

Devi Kavach - Durga Kavcham - Bhagwati Argala - Devi Kilak

Durga Kavcham (armour) - दुर्गा कवचम

Durga Kavcham

Chandi Kavcham (armour) - चंडी कवच

Chandi Kavcham - Durga Armour

Durga Kilak Stotram - दुर्गा कीलक स्त्रोत्र

Durga Kilak Strotram

Bhagwati Argala Stotram - भगवती अर्गला स्त्रोत्र

Bhagwati Argala Stotram


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