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Predictive Sun Questionnaire - Surya Narayan Prashnavali
The Vedic prashnavali has been used from ancient time. Surya Prashnavali is divine gift of astrology and Indian scriptures. Through Surya Narayan Prashnavali any one can find psychic advice or prediction. It help to increase power of concentration and psychic power of self. It can be used on daily basis for find the solution of any problem in life.
How to use Vedic Surya Prashnavali
Simple, Ask to prashnavali and get answer online. The questionnaire should be used with faith and serious manner. Just think of a definite question (Ex: - Will I get married this year ? or Will I get good job in this month ?). Then repeat your question in mind for three to four times and think of The Lord Surya Narayan or any God or Goddess in which you believe with devotion. Now, click on any number with faith and get prediction of your question.

Surya Prashnavali - Vedic Prashnavali - Predictive Questionnaire - Surya Narayan Prashnavali

Vedic Questionnaire - Ask question to prashnavali

Surya Narayan Yantra Prashnavali

Surya Narayan Yantra Prashnavali

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How Prashnavali works ?

Hindu religion has many questionnaire for getting prediction, some of famous are shri Ram and Krishna prashnavli, Ramayan or Ramcharitmanas prashnavali, and Surya Prashnavali. All of these are totally matter of faith and devotion, but it also depends on your spiritual thoughts, mean thinking of negative question may attract negative energy from space and cause to be a negative answer and positive question may attract positive energy which reflect in prediction. For enhance your psychic abilities and deep clairvoyance, you should practice daily with it and you will feel your improved psychic powers.

Test Psychic Ability And Be Psychic Yourself

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