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Be a Psychic Medium - Intuition Test Online - Develop Psychic Powers

Enhance Clairvoyance - Develop Psychic Abilities Online

Free psychic reading through be a psychic fortune teller

Learn to develop psychic abilities - Meditation is great way to improve Clairvoyance and psychic abilities, but this is time consuming method also. Many of us want to learn and develop psychic powers through any easy method for find out answer of their questions related to future, marriage, love and life. Here, you can discover your answer without sharing your question to anyone !
You can learn the Swara Shastra which is a art to enhance psychic ability and clairvoyance, through this Swara yoga, you can develop psychic abilities and predict forecast for any one. But any reading is totally up to you, if you can examine your Swara correctly, you can get predictions accordingly. Learn Swarodaya with online tool through basic principles of Swara Shastra.

Online Be a Psychic - Be a Medium - Learn Swarodaya - Swarodaya Predictor - Free Psychic Reading

Swara Shastra Fortune Teller - Be a Psychic Online - Test Psychic Powers

Be a Psychic Online

Be a Psychic

Your Question :

Running Swara :

Online Swara Shastra Fortune Teller

How to enhance psychic abilities and be a psychic medium.
Test your intuitive and psychic ability.

Develop psychic powers and ability to reveal future with ancient art of Swara Shastra.

Ask a question to yourself, examine your swara and get answer instantly.
How to examine or know running Swara.

Please note : Follow the rules to improve clairvoyance and getting more correct answers
1. First think of a definite question and write in input with correct spellings, than examine your swara. Swara may change or not change every time after thinking of a question.
2. The be a psychic fortune teller answer the question in mode of YES or NO, so you can not ask question of when, where, who, how or kab, kaise etc, and Swara predictor will not answer the negative questions also, question with can'nt, are'nt, won't, isn't, not etc.
3. If you have fever, flu or ill, you should not use be a psychic predictor, because in such conditions, you are not able to examine your swara correctly.
4. You should have faith in Lord Shiva and in Swara Shastra before using this fortune teller.
5. Some times, you may confuse to determine your swara, when you feel your breathes in both nostril, with more differences (not little differences), then you should try to judgement the right swara or try after some time.
6. Best time to ask a question in the morning (Sunrise) and before night (Sunset), but you can try in whole day also, avoid night time only.
7. After asking a question, you should wait for 2-3 minutes for asking another question, because Swara needs to be changed but this is not mandatory. The prediction of your question is totally up to you and depends on your determination of swara and question.

How to check the Left Swara              How to check the Right Swara

Left Swara                       Right Swara

Close your right nostril with thumb and exhalate (release) your breathes and if you feel presence of breathes then the left swara or Chandra Swara is running. In presence of Chandra/left swara, breathes inhalation and exhalation happen through left nostril and no air flow active through right nostril.

Close your left nostril with thumb and exhalate (release) your breathes and if you feel presence of breathes then the right Swara or Surya Swara is running. In presence of Surya/right swara, breathes inhalation and exhalation happen through right nostril and no air flow active through left nostril.

And if you feel presence of breathes in both nostrils then Middle or Sushumna Swara is running. In presence of Sushumna/middle swara, breathes inhalation and exhalation happen through both right and left nostrils. Flow of air may be equal or little differs from each other nostril flow.

This predictor is for entertainment, fun and information purpose only. If you confused to see stars in report, this is due to anti spam blocker which truncate spam.

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