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Want to know your zodiac sign compatibility to others ?, Check your compatibility to your friend, lover, wife, child or any relative or you can check your zodiac sign compatibility to any one. Know your relation score with the help of Indian astrology.
Generally, bhakut calculation in Indian astrology says that 02-12, 06-08 and etc, are not good for compatibility. But there is needed to check friendship level (Maitri) between the two planets (lord of sign) to get accurate result for compatibility.
Explation of result :
Example 1: If relation score is best and exchange rate is 17% : 83%, it means best relation score from your partner (83%) rather than you (17%). Example 2: The relation score is worst and exchange rate is 83% : 17%, it means worst relation from yours (83%) rather than partner (17%). And other (like 02-12) is calculation of Bhakut (astrological exchange rate).

Free Indian zodiac sign compatibility - Bhakut Milan - Online astrology sign compatibility - Horoscope sign match

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Zodiac Sign Compatibility Tool

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

You can check compatibility to any one.

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