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Horoscope for money - Wealth in astrology

Astrology predictions for money

Astrology forecast about money, wealth, and loan - everyone wants funds and wealth in life for various purposes such as home mortgage, student loan, car loan etc. Mostly, no one like to take loan or borrowing, but sometimes, it is necessary for a rich person also to take a bank credit for purpose of tax savings and for the advantage of interest rate. In this article, you can read predictions of wealth, loan and money horoscope. Through the money horoscope, native can know about financial and wealth capacity and loan and credit repayment capacity of own. Remember, astrology has many meanings for a rule or conjunctions and every rule has exceptions also.

Money and Loan Prediction - Astrology Forecast of Money and Loan - Career Horoscope Remedy - Business Astrology

Money Astrology - Wealth and Astrology - Finance Horoscope

Money Horoscope - Which houses stand for capital in astrology

First, readers are advised to consult your financial adviser before invest money and time in any project, remember these are astrology anticipates and predictions only, do not totally dependent on its.
1st House - The ascendant which is responsible for whole life and career, ascendant should be strong for money matters. Strong means, there should be none or low malefic influence of other malefic planets like Raahu, Ketu etc. And, ascendant lord should be not at 6th, 8th, 12th or enemy house which called bad places for money and wealth in astrology. Further, the ascendant lord should be not with malefic planets in a horoscope.
2nd House - The place of money and balance and quantity of wealth. This house can be called as the bank of funds. If this place mighty enough and free from malefic influence, native's money balance will be good in life. Native can takes a loan and can repay the credit easily. Astrologers give weight to second house.
11th House - The place of income, shows the quality of income and ways of income. Malefic influences in a birth chart indicate fluctuation of income in career, as good influence indicates powerful income and money sources.
6th House - The 6th house stands for bad debts, loan, and borrowings. Many astrologers said this home should be strong for recovering loan or borrowings but Parashara astrology has a different opinion. According to Indian Parashara astrology, this house should be effected from bad planets and this should be good for financial matters to get rid off a mortgage or recovering loan. Because this house considers as bad (Trik) place and bad influence of bad planets, destroy its power which is responsible for making bad debts or loan for a native. Further, auspicious planets give powers to this evil house and result will not good for money and mortgage matters, thus native may suffer from bad debts or loan. For example, if the zodiac sign of 6th house is Gemini and Raahu is located at 6th home and Saturn see the place from 12th house through 7th vision, the 6th place loss own powers due to Raahu and Saturn and its called good for money or wealth because it destroys bad results of bad debts and loan.
12th House - The place of expenditures, loan, and loss of income. This house considers bad (Trik) place in the horoscope. The astrology treats this same as 6th house if 12th house has malefic influence, it called good for financial matters.

From which business or career in astrology, a native can be rich

1. If the 2nd house has Taurus or Pisces sign and Venus is situated there, the native may be filthy rich through the business of cotton or textile or silver or factory of Venus's products.
2. If Saturn is situated at 11th home in the zodiac sign of Libra or Aquarius in a horoscope, the native may get money and wealth from stock markets.
3. If Saturn is situated at 10th home in Libra or Capricorn, the native may get wealth from Saturn related products like iron, oil or stone.
4. If Venus in Pisces sign or Jupiter in Cancer sign or Mercury in Virgo sign at the 9th house called the good opportunity for business matters and native may get funds from textile, factory, and stock markets.
5. If Moon in Taurus sign or Mercury in Virgo or Saturn in Libra at the 11th house makes native filthy rich through machinery and factories through business.

Conjunctions for wealth in astrology - Horoscope Forecast for Money

1. Isthan Bali Yoga - If the owner of 9th luck house presents in ninth place and lord of the 10th house presents in tenth itself.
2. Isthan Parivartan Yoga - If the master of the ninth house presents in 10th place and lord of the 10th house presents in 9th house in a horoscope.
3. Isthan Parivartan Yoga - If lord of 9th home present in the zodiac of 10th home's lord and tenth place's owner present in the zodiac of ninth home's lord.
4. Isthan Parivartan Yoga - If lord of 2nd wealth home located at 11th income house and owner of 11th home located at second place in the birth chart.
5. Drishti Bali Yoga - If lord of 9th luck house and 10th place of a horoscope which stands for career see each other with 7th vision.
6. Gajkesari Yoga - This astrology yoga is considered very good for money and wealth. If Jupiter is situated with Moon or situated in 4th or 7th or 10th house from Moon ascendant in the horoscope.
7. If Moon and lord of Moon ascendant are powerful enough, or the ascendant and its owner is strong enough in the horoscope, makes person rich and wealthy.
8. If Venus situated at 12th house makes life luxurious. But Venus should be alone in this house. This auspicious planet makes luxurious expenditures in life, and native spend money for that luxurious life, although may takes the loan for luxury.

Remedies for loan and poverty - Astrology Remedies for money and wealth

For takeoff the mortgage, native should wear gemstone of the ascendant lord, and wear the gemstone of owner of 11th house (if the owner is an auspicious planet). Check Online Gemstone Compatibility
Follow the rules of Vaastu Shastra at your workplace and home.
For getting rid of the loan, native should chant Rin Mochak Mangal Stotra on Tuesday, regularly.
Choose your career compatibility according to your ascendant lord or owner of 10th house.
Recite daily, Lakshmi mantras or Kanakdhara Stotra or Vishnu Shastranaam Stotra for getting wealth and takeoff the loan. Read How to attract Lakshmi
Donate some money to poor people and pilgrim

Disclaimer - Please remember, astrology predictions about financial matters are anticipated only. It is not necessary that prediction goes correct or true always. These predictions or any remedy/method on this page/site not present any financial advice, these are astrology or spiritual anticipate only. Use of any remedy/method or prediction shown on this page or site is visitor's own choice and risk. Readers are advised to consult his/her financial adviser first. We are not responsible for any unwanted result or any mental harassment or loss of money or wealth or any type of loss due to this article/lesion. Read more at T&C page Copyright © Information

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