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Astrological horoscope predictions are based upon the position of planets in a birth chart (Janam Kundli) or horoscope and also on planet’s effect during transit. The God assigned the powers to the nine planets to make results according to action or Karma of native. All nine planets are consider deity in Vedic Hindu literature and Indian astrology. Recitation of planet prayers may reduce evil effects of them. Whole life of native drive by these stars. This is known that Sun and Moon have great impact on earth atmosphere, such like this all planets have impact on lives. Degree of a planet decide the power of star in a horoscope. And the planet located in certain house of horoscope, is the key to examine the power of star. Transit of planet mean the time in which the specific star has more power to perform event in life.

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Meaning of Planets in Astrology (ग्रह विचार)
Learn about Indian Planet Astrology

Sun Planet Astrology (Surya):

Sun planet called the soul of body and universe and describes ability and vitality of a person. Positive and good placed this planet turn life into success, wisdom, fame and ability to rule on others and related from father also. Sun gives firmed determination power and rules on Leo sign. In our body it represents mind, right eye, eye vision, heart, power, belly, stage of mind, blood, soul and bones. Sun has influence on wisdom, nature, influence on others, animal, father concern matter, journey, heart diseases, diseases of head, fatness, half year, worship of Lord Shiva. Good condition of Sun indicates strong body and eating more salt in meal.

Moon Planet Astrology (Chandra):

Moon makes mood of a person as it is related to emotions, feelings, thoughts and imaginations. According to Indian astrology, Moon planet in a horoscope is related to wisdom, flower, diseases of spleen, diseases of blood, sleep, matter of water, cold fever, tuberculosis and favour. Good placed Moon in a horoscope provides intellect, growth and wealth. Especially for good financial status it has to be strong in horoscope. Moon represents forecast of happiness, mother, face, mental condition, blood pressure, fickle mind, phobia, madness, worship of Goddess Parvati and Saraswati, childhood, heart and flow of blood. Moon rules on astrology sign Cancer. Glow of skin is indication of good position of Moon in a horoscope.

Jupiter Planet Astrology (Guru):

Forecast of Jupiter are related to luck, children, destiny, success, fame, body height, education, wisdom, spirituality, knowledge and intelligence. Jupiter astrology represents forecast of mind status, deafness, liver diseases, teacher, duty, wealth, astrology, son, belly, grand father, older brother, anger, deity, friend, chant, religion and worship of Lord Vishnu. The star is owner of liver, stomach, kidney and signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Good conditions of this planet are long height, good condition of belly and body and ability to know other person's thoughts. Liver disease, bad condition of belly, short height, bad relation to father, grand father and friends, body over weight are some bad influences of the planet.

Mercury Planet Astrology (Budh):

According to Indian astrology Mercury describes the value of business skills, value of speech and communication skills. It tells forecast of friends, maternal uncle, horse, maths skill, knowledge, infantry, writing work, house, astrology, numerology, temple, body skin, skin diseases, sister and human intelligence. Mercury has influence on chants, devotion, nature, Lord Vishnu's worship, maternal uncle, chant and tantra. Mercury is related to economy, business and cloths also and representative of voice. It rules on two zodiac sign Gemini and Virgo. Indication for good placed Mercury is influence full good voice.

Venus Planet Astrology (Shukra):

Venus gives beauty, sense of beauty and grace to native if located in good place of horoscope. Venus tells horoscope forecast of luxuries life, pleasure, singing enjoyment, love of harmony, ability and desires. It rules on sexual organs in body and upon Taurus and Libra signs. It tells forecast about marriage, life partner’s beauty, enjoyment of married life, lover, life partner, income, prosperity, fame, ego, ability of dancing, swimming, eating habits, luck, health, servant, weakness, hair, mysterious things, worship of Goddess Lakshmi and availability of vehicles. Good Venus indicates sufficient ability to perform love art.

Mars Planet Astrology (Mangal):

Mars consider the commander of angels and commander of battle in life. Mars tells horoscope predictions of martial powers, brothers, property, land, courage, enemy, leadership quality and blood in the body. It associated with war, victory, defeat, mercy, hydrocele disease, journey, wound, power of enemy, energy, anger, brother and worship of Lord Hanuman. Mars rules upon two horoscope signs Aries and Scorpio. Broad shoulders and fair muscle are indications of a strong Mars in horoscope.

Saturn Planet Astrology (Shani):

According to Indian astrology, Saturn is a cruel and dark planet. It assigned the duty of a judge and gives lawful results to native. Bad conditions of this planet in horoscope gives burdens, laziness, legs problems, nervous break down, sadness in behavior, cholic pain, sorrows and diseases. Bad placed in horoscope, creates problems at every step in whole life, especially in transit term (dasha). Saturn tells forecast of income, darkness, fault, level of sorrows, face impact, speech level, false tells and worship of Lord Shiva and Hanuman. It rules on two horoscope signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Indications for good placed Saturn in horoscope are lack of laziness and strong legs.

Raahu Planet Astrology :

According to Indian astrology Raahu is a head of devil and an imaginary planet. Raahu has good influence upon sign Gemini and bad impact on Sagittarius. It considers darkest, very cruel and servant of Saturn. Raahu has influences on mysterious things, speculation, lottery, cough, diseases of legs, worship of Goddess Durga, bones, thieves, magic and ill habits and other people’s money and unwanted happenings also. Raahu has powers and ability to turns circumstances in unexpected way. Bad placed Raahu in a horoscope being caused of lack of success, problems, creating wrong decisions, delay in fulfillment of ambitions and desires.

Ketu Planet Astrology :

"Ketu" known as body of devil (Body of Rahu) without head and it is an imaginary planet also. This planet has influence on Gemini (bad effect) and Sagittarius (good effect). Horoscope forecast can be make about rebirth and nirvana by viewing position of Ketu in a horoscope. It associated with worship of Goddess Kaali and Lord Ganesha, prosperity, tuberculosis, fever, injury, affection, belly, knowledge level, luck, enemy power, grand father, son and flag. This planet also consider cruel and dark full.

According to new horoscope aspects there are three new planets that have influence on life and event, these are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

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Permanent Relationship between Horoscope Planets

SunSaturn, VenusMoon, Mars, JupiterMercury
MoonNoneSun, MercuryMars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
MarsMercuryJupiter, Moon, SunVenus, Saturn
MercuryMoonSun, VenusMars, Jupiter, Saturn
JupiterMercury, VenusSun, Moon, MarsSaturn
VenusSun, MoonMercury, SaturnMars, Jupiter
SaturnSun, Moon, MarsMercury, VenusJupiter

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