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Does astrology predictions works - How astrology works - How planets works in astrology

Is astrology is true - How accurate is astrology

What is astrology and how astrology works ?

Mostly, people think, does horoscope works or how predictions works. Astrological predictions are based on horoscope or birth chart. This is way to know our life's events and future. Its not a magic art to change our future or luck. This is called Jyotish in Hindi, it means divine power of God (Jyoti of Ishwar). We can know through this, which are good or bad for us in life, so that we can try to avoid bad works and follow on the right way. But astrology never give certainties about truthful predictions, because this is very huge and complicated subject, and no one says, he or she is perfect in this field. Jyotish is subject of horoscope, nine planets and 12 zodiac signs with 27 constellations which all works every time in life.

Does astrology works

Does horoscope works or is astrology accurate ?

How astrology predictions works ?

People who believe in horoscope predictions, want to know how astrology works or does astrology predictions works, actually, according to Indian scripture, God assigns powers to the nine planets to give results to humans and animals according to their Karma or works. If some one do sinful works in this life or in past life, planets gives bad results according planet's power in the horoscope. Planets gives more bad result in their transit because they are being powered in their transit. For example, suppose a man dishonor or insult any saint or his father, and Jupiter is situated at 8th house of horoscope, then during the transit of Jupiter, it gives dishonor, diseases, problems in native's life, so you think how predictions made for this, because Jupiter related to saint and father, and insulting them made the planet cruel.

Secondly, you have to know right time and date of your birth, otherwise horoscope gives wrong forecast; and predictions seems not to work. Predictions can be make through planets position in horoscope and the powers of planets. And powers can be known through degrees of planets, their positions in good or bad house or they situated at friend's house or enemy's house. Also this is mandatory to know planet is situated in which zodiac sign and which planets are with the specific star or which planet seeing the other stars. Nakshtra, zodiac sign, degree and power of planet, type of house, situation of stars in horoscope, transit positions, yoga, birth time, Yogini transit and many other aspects need to examine for more correct predictions. Read more about basic of astrology.

Do gemstones really works or help ?

Yes, gemstone works, but not entirely, if gemstone solve all the problems, then whole world will be happy and peaceful. Then, question arise, wearing of gemstone waste of time and money ? Actually not, because gemstone helps to reduce new sin works in life by giving powers of determine right decision. It also reduce bad energy of certain planet to entering in body. It also reduce slight or thin bad Karma but it can not remove very bad result due to very bad Karma which native did in life. Besides this, its depend whenever you wear the gemstone and in which finger and is this gemstone beneficial for you or not according to your horoscope. It is very important to determine which gemstone will be good for wearing, so that gemstone works or help for better result. Wear the stone at least for 40 days to check, does it works for you or not.

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