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How compatibility works and what is remedy for Dosha

Ashtakoot Guna Milan and Dosh Pariharam
Harmony or companionship between two persons called compatibility in term of astrology. Many persons search astrology sites to find out best marriage compatibility or love matching according astrology and horoscope. Indian astrology has unique and proven method for this. Horoscope match making is great method for finding best compatibility. However, there are many methods, rules and conjunctions to analysis a best love match and many other methods are available also like numerology compatibility, Chinese sign compatibility etc. Analyzing horoscopes for compatibility is more logical other than other methods which called Kundli Milan or Tewa Milan in India.

Match making through zodiac sign and constellation for knowing Guna and Dosha called ashtakoot match making or gun milan. Mostly, Indian astrologer check and calculate ashtakoot guna and manglik dosha for horoscope match, so that couple will not survive any misfortune.

How Kundli Guna Matching Works - What is Kundli Milan - Manglik Dosha and Remedy - Ashtakoot Gun and Dosh Parhihar

Astrology Horoscope and Compatibility - Know Kundali Milan

Two Methods for Horoscope Match Making
For love match, astrology suggest two methods. One is through birth date horoscope, in this method using birth details, astrologer makes birth chart and find out Lunar sign (birth moon sign) and constellation and examine other yoga and dosha like manglik dosha. Another method is using names only, manglik dosha can not be determined through this. Although, if native knows own birth name, then he/she can check marriage compatibility through names only, gun milan result remain same as native gets through birth date compatibility


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Which name should be used for compatibility
Generally, astrologers check love compatibility using current name or birth Moon zodiac. Look, what astrology says about this :-
Which name should be used during match making
Mean, birth Moon name or Janam Rashi should be used to check marriage compatibility and current name should be used to check love or relation matching, why they says using both name for one type of compatibility. Well, some compatibility like daily conduct between two persons should be checked through current names and child birth or sensual compatibility should be examine by birth names. So, both names have impact on native and in our opinion compatibility should be checked with current names and alternately with birth names. Native should deemed that compatibility best, whichever obtained high rank.

What should be examine for horoscope matching
For a best marriage compatibility, native should examine ashtakoot gun milan, manglik dosha, other yoga like age factor (Aayu Vichar), luck factor (Bhagya Yoga), child yoga (Santaan yoga) etc. And, importantly, native should check if there are any dosha parihar exist or not. Astrology has many conjunctions where a dosh (Demerit) can be cancelled and inauspicious yoga turn in to auspicious stage.

Kundli Milan or Guna Milan Meaning (गुण मिलान) :- In Indian astrology, it deemed every name has a zodiac sign and nakshtra. Astrologer check bride and bridegroom's compatibility for marriage by kundli guna milan using their names. They check horoscopes of couple and their ashtakoot guna and analysis match matching. Gun points are maximum of 36 and, astrology suggest if 18 or above merits are matched, then kundli milan deemed good and marriage called preferable.

Meaning of Ashtakoot Chakra :- This is known as Avakhada Chakra or Vair Chakra also. This chakra shows eight gun or merits of each zodiac or nakshtra by which astrologer compare merits and gives percentage for marriage and compatibility. Manglik dosha and other yoga is not taken in ashtakoot guna milan.

What is Eight Guna or Merits :- Every rising sign and constellation has value or merits called Guna. These merits are related to each sign or nakshtra. Kundli Guna are eight types of :-

Varna Kundli Guna :- This merits called Varna which means class of the zodiac. Through this, interactive functionality and work guna milan can be calculate between bride and bridegroom.

Vasya Kundali Guna :- This merit related to controllable power of each rashi. Every zodiac has controllable power which describe as being and its nature. Ascendancy and love compatibility or domination matching can be calculate through vasya gun.

Taara Kundli Guna :- Taara or star achieved through astrological calculation in which constellations of boy and girl are used. Mutual understanding between couple and sensibility and destiny gun milan can be determine from taara gun.

Udhbhav Kundali Guna :- Every constellation has an animal sign which shows that animal behaviour. Indeed, this is symbolic guna of boy and girl's nakshtra, further astrology search relation according their behaviour between two udhbhava guna and gives matching points. It compute mentality matching and harmony kundli guna milan.

Maitri Kundali Guna :- Every rising sign has own planet lord. Through kundli milan calculation, relationship between two planets can be calculate whether they are friend or not. This is very important merit, if it is positive, many negative merits cancelled. Mutual friendship behaviour between two persons can be predict through maitri gun.

Gana Kundli Guna :- This merit describe division of every constellation which called gana. Gana is use to forecast mutual interest, desire and affection kundali matching between lovers.

Bhakoot Kundali Guna :- This is important merit to predict about daily conduct gun milan and giving or taking exchange ratio/rate. Remember, if Priti Yoga (affection) is available between two zodiac, then negative bhakut deemed as auspicious. Bhakoot gun calculate through Moon signs.

Nadi Kundali Guna :- Nadi Gun is most important during kundali milan because it is related to child birth, amorous or sensual love compatibility. If boy and girl have same nadi guna, then this merit ruined, but some rules are available for this dosha cancellation. Nadi is calculate through rising sign.

Ashtakoot Dosh Parihar - अष्टकूट दोष परिहार :- If any match guna has 0 point or inauspicious yoga, it called dosha. But, there are some dosha cancellation or rectification for this which called dosh pariharam which should be taken during kundli matching. Check online Kundli Milan with Dosha Parihar

Manglik Dosha and Parihar
It is called Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha also. This demerit or Kuja dosh related to position of planet Mars in birth horoscope. When Mars placed in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of a horoscope, it deemed as Manglik Dosha, even if these exist in boy's horoscope or girl's birth chart. Painful married life, delay in marriage, irritability between life partners and chances of separation are outcomes of Mangal Dosha. But, many manglik dosha Nivaran or cancellation remedy are available in astrology also. Look at, these Mangal dosha remedy or conjunctions or rules :-

If both boy and girl are Manglik, dosha is cancelled.
If Saturn placed in 1, 4, 7, 8 or 12 house in horoscope of Non Manglik person.
If Mars placed in first house with conjunction of Aries which is own zodiac of Mars.
If Mars placed in 8th house with conjunction of Cancer in Manglik Kundli which is called Nich Mangal.
If Mars situated in 4th house with conjunction of Scorpio which is own zodiac of Mars.
If Mars placed in 7th house with conjunction of Capricorn which called Uchh Mangal.
If Mars placed in 12th house with conjunction of Sagittarius.
If Maitri guna and Gana guna are auspicious in ashtakoot, this also cancel manglik dosh.
If Jupiter has 7th vision (Purn Drishti) on Mars in Manglik Kundli.

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