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What is health astrology prediction and how it works?

First Chapter:- Health Prediction and Vedic Medical Astrology

Astrology is called Jyotish in Hindi, which means light of God. A horoscope is helpful to forecast life, wealth, marriage, career, and health and shows us ways to find out best result in concern. But all of us know, without fitness all are less worthy of us. The Indian quote "पहला सुख निरोगी काया" means the first happiness in life is good health.
Our Karma or actions make the destiny of us, this is described in many Indian scriptures. The diseases come and suffer us, make unhappy and sad because of our Karma, illness is the unfortunate result of Karma and every disease slow down our bad Karma. God assigned powers to planets to give good and inauspicious results which are based on our Karma. And, a horoscope is a key to check and forecast the whole of life and health. For horoscope health prediction of native, we try to explain this through the astrological way which can be called medical astrology.

Health Astrology Prophecy - Predicting Health through Astrology - Vedic Medical Astrology - Health Prediction

How to forecast health horoscope and fitness prediction

How to predicting health astrology? First, you need to know about a horoscope houses or homes which belong to health and diseases and planets which belong to body parts for health prediction.
The First Horoscope House (Ascendant) - The 1st house which called ascendant also, is most important place in a horoscope. It represents self, whole body, age, mind, life, and fitness. So, you must check three things here. First, what is the ascendant sign and who is the owner of the sign, second, where the owner of the ascendant is located in a horoscope, and third, are another planets in the ascendant.
You should check the power of ascendant owner and zodiac sign of ascendant, if the power of ascendant sign and lord is weak, then its easily says that health concern is weak also on the chart. And if the ascendant lord is powerful but located at the inauspicious place in a horoscope (like in 6th, 8th, 12th houses or house of enemy), then it says that disease may come in certain time (transit). If malefic planets like Saturn, Raahu, Ketu are situated in the ascendant, they may give diseases and bad result also.

The 6th Horoscope House - Sixth house is known for the loan, bad debts and illness. This considers the bad place in a birth chart and if this place and owner of the house is weak and have less malefic influence, it is good for healthy life. More power of sixth horoscope house and the Lord make troubles in health. Astrologer should examine these keys for predicting the health. Generally, it is considered the best for healthy life if malefic planets like Saturn, Raahu and Ketu situated in the sixth home and if the auspicious planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus etc., located in the 6th house called unfortunate for health.

The 8th Horoscope House - The 8th house represents the age, life force and longevity of age. This place and master of eight house should be strong for a long life, but the place should be free from bad influence for better healthy life also. Auspicious planets should not be here for good fitness.

Moon Ascendant - Besides of main ascendant, the house and sign in which Moon located considered as Moon ascendant also. The Moon and Moon ascendant sign should be strong enough for good healthy life. As, Moon represents as ascendant itself and represents mind, emotions, and intuitions.

Transit of Planet - An astrologer should examine the current transit and inter transit in a horoscope so that prediction can be made for health. Generally, the transit of ascendant Lord gives good result in all sector of life including health and transit of malefic planets gives problems and illness during their transit.

Examine Three Rules - For the predicting health horoscope, an astrologer should examine three rules to determine health astrology prediction, the lord planet of the body part, the horoscope house related to the body part and position and influence on the master planet of the related house. Secondly, examine the ascendant, the Moon, 6th and 8th horoscope house and running transit. Especially, illness may occur during transit of planet which is related to the body part.
Each house and each planet corresponds to particular part of the body, if the house or planet has the malefic impact, the body part may influence badly and strong power and good influence of ascendant owner, the Moon and auspicious planets give good ability to deal in life and health. Remember, strong ascendant, strong ascendant lord, malefic influence free 6th and 8th horoscope houses help to be healthy and reduce the force of diseases and help to remove illness.

Correspond Chart of body parts to Horoscope Houses and Planets - Astrology and Body Parts

1st HouseHead, Mind and ForeheadSunBones, Heart, Right Eye
2nd HouseMouth, Right Eye, Tongue, Teeth, Nose, NeckMoonLeft Eye, Blood, Mind, Body Fluids, Chest, Lungs, Cough
3rd HouseRight Hand, Right Arm & Shoulder, Right EarMarsBlood, Muscles, Bile
4th HouseEmotions, Chest, Lungs, Right KidneyJupiterLiver, Fat, Chest, Stomach, Ears, Digestive Power
5th HouseHeart, Stomach, Liver, Upper IntestinesMercurySkin, Speech, Tongue, Neck, Kidneys, Intestines
6th HouseLower Intestines, Right Kidney, CoughVenusSexual Organs, Shine of Skin, Hormones, Hair
7th HouseSexual Organs, Lower Spine, UterusSaturnNerve System, Bone Joint, Knees, Teeth, Legs
8th HouseRectum, Sexual Organs, Left KindeyRaahuBody Acid, Nerve System
9th HouseThighs, HipsKetuBody Acid, Spleen, Bile
10th HouseKnees
11th HouseLegs, Nerve, Right-side Hand-Arm-Shoulder-Ear
12th HouseFeet, Left Eye, Sleep

Disclaimer - Please remember, above medial astrology forecast are astrological anticipate only. It is not necessary that prediction goes correct or true always. These medical predictions or any remedy/method on this site not present any medical advice or treatment or diagnosis, these are astrological health forecast and anticipate only. Readers are advised to consult his/her doctor first. We are not responsible for any unwanted result or any mental harassment or loss of money or health or any type of loss due to this article/lesion. Copyright © Information

Next Chapter:- Diseases and astrology - Diseases Prediction and Vedic astrology

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