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What is Astrology and House Forecast

Indian house astrology is based on Hindu Vedic astrology, by which to analyze and predict every aspect of life. Life's any event can be calculated and predicted from position of 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, 27 constellations and nine planets in a astrological horoscope. Three planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto have influence on life, according new aspects of western astrology. An astrology horoscope is based on three inputs, exact birth location, time of birth and date of birth.

First house always called as ascendant which is master and most powerful place in a horoscope. Mainly, astrologer should pay more attention to this house as this place decide the luck, way of earning, health and many other aspects.

Astrology House Prediction - Learn Astrology Horoscope - Astrology House Forecast

Birth Chart Astrology Forecast of Houses

Astrology House Forecast

1st Horoscope House Forecast (Ascendant) :

First birth chart house is most important element of a horoscope. From this astrologer can predict about body, color, physical outlook, mind status, attitude, age, birth marks, grand mother, awareness, maternal grand father, health, wealth, destiny of children, sorrow, rights, knowledge level, type of work, sleep, fame, destiny, nature and every aspect of life. It represents prediction of head and face and self. This is the most important place to knowing every aspect or forecast of life. Any planet in the first house will gives traits of the sign that this planet rules. This is corresponds to the sign Aries.

2nd Horoscope House Forecast :

Second house forecast are about Wealth and money balance, financial status and relations within family. It tells prediction of right eye, throat, teeth and speech, wisdom, family, nails, tongue, clothes, friendship, form of business, eating and drinking habits, meal, beauty of face, profit and loss, partner's health aspect and earnings. It tells prediction of sense of self-worth. Second house called bank or money house. This is corresponds to the Taurus.

3rd Horoscope House Forecast :

Third house tells forecast of braveness, courage and risk quality. This horoscope house tells about younger brother and sister. It tells prediction of arms, shoulders and right ear, legs, capability, heaven, hobby, great work, religion, servant, ambitious, signature, friendship, and luck of life partner. It shows style of communications, short journeys. This birth chart house corresponds to the Gemini.

4th Horoscope House Forecast :

Fourth house prediction are about mother and own home, vehicles, feelings and public relations. It tells forecast of chest, lungs and heart, mother health condition, home condition, hidden money, water, people, own property, peace, home happiness, ability of work, dignity, father-in-law and blood. Mind status can be predicted from it. This home corresponds to the sign Cancer.

5th Horoscope House Forecast :

Fifth house tells prediction of education and skill level, about children and love life. Other forecast of the home are intelligence, spirituality and God of native. It tells forecast of stomach, liver, wisdom, art, good news, wealth of father, determination power, news writing skill, belly, prosperity, luck, donation, devotions, study, lottery, writing skills, children status and talent. It tells prediction about way of earning, recitation of chant, post of minister and musical instruments. This home corresponds to the Leo, sign of romance, creativity, children, sports.

6th Horoscope House Forecast :

Sixth house prediction are about enemies, illness and diseases and health related. From this horoscope house, forecast can be make about debts and losses or loan and loan conditions. The other forecast to look for here are work and service, both given and received. This is not career but rather style and quality of work. It tells prediction of ill habits, injury, dispute, cough, madness, wound, mental harassment, loan, servant, dispute from brothers, maternal uncle and uncle, theft, waist, cheating and fighting. This birth chart house corresponds to the Virgo.

7th Astrology House Prediction :

Seventh birth chart house is about spouse or husband, relations with life partner, second child, business and partnership and sexual organs. 7th place tells prediction about life partner's color, attitude and beauty. Prediction can be make about ability, self, partner's interest and joy from life partner. It represents forecast of court cases, music, eating habits, urine concern, bravery, victory, nephew, marriage and status of business. It is corresponds to the Libra.

8th Astrology House Prediction :

Eighth house shows prediction of diseases, age concern, unexpected gain or loss. Other forecast are, about wealth and speech of life partner. 8th house tells predictions of the effect of social rules. Eight home rules on lottery, other people's money, hidden money, sea traveling, money of life partner, defeat, enemy of brother, fear, loan concern, sin, sorrows, tension and bad habits. It is corresponds to the Scorpio.

9th Astrology House Prediction :

Ninths house forecast is about destiny, luck, foreign traveling, faith in devotion and father. Other prediction of this horoscope house are about higher education and past life. The Ninths home rules on long journeys, higher education, journey of holly places, devotion in God, worship of deity, prosperity, luck factor, vehicles, children, wealth of father, religion (or the lack of it), philosophy, donation, luck, grand son, brother-in-law and tourism. This home corresponds to Sagittarius.

10th Astrology House Prediction :

Tenth house tells prediction about father and his attitude, professional life of native, business status, politics, job and fame, ability, merits, dignity, prestige, power, rights and rank. This home indicates prediction of Karma (Action) and discipline in life. It tells forecast about knees in body. From this, forecast can be make about position in business or job and sources of earnings and about mother-in-law. Prediction about ego, anger, ability in play, fame, wealth, older person, chant, tantra, ownership, teaching and ability to rule on others tells in the concern. This is corresponds to the Capricorn.

11th Astrology House Prediction :

Eleventh house tells forecast of gains, income, losses, type of income, way of earnings and about elder brother, sister and relation with them. Sources of income can predict from examine this. Also, traditionally assigned to friends, hopes, and wishes. It tells prediction of son-in-law, friends, uncle, worship of God, ability to earn, interest, minister post, cooking, drawing ability, left hand and left ear. Eleventh corresponds with the Aquarius.

12th Astrology House Prediction :

Twelfth house forecast explain about expenditure, losses, loan, bad habits, debts, foreign travels and rebirth (regeneration). It tells prediction of legs, left eye and sleep order or disorder, mental sorrows, fear from enemy, loan concern, heaven, wound, friendship, divorce, expenses, anger, psychological problems and hidden enemies. This home corresponds with the Pisces, sign of intuition, compassion and dreams.

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