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Many of us heard about Aladdin and genie story, the jinnee had supernatural powers and unlimited psychic abilities. When Aladdin rub the pot, a genie came out and did whatever he said. Anyway, here is not a genie of Aladdin, but this genie games which can entertain you. Ready for tap into psychic powers of him. Get mystic jinnee psychic advice for making your life empowered and easy. Think a definite question in mind and click on tip of genie's pot and see what he says with his mystic wisdom. Or take a test of online genie game and you may be shocked, how he knows what you thought. Online Ask Genie Fortune Teller for free generous advice.
Or, Magical Genie can tell you what you thought!

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Magical Genie knows what you thought

Magical Genie can guess which symbol you thought in your mind

1. Think of any two-digit number
2. Add the number (e.g. - Suppose number you think is 45, separate it and add 4+5 = 9
3. Deduct the number (which you get after adding) from your two digit number (Your number is 45-9 = 36 is result)
4. Find this number and corresponding symbol in game chart
5. Remember this symbol in your mind
6. Click on the pot and know does it is right !

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If you using old browser, symbol may not appear in genie game, then remember the character instead of symbol

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