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In Moon sign astrology, Chandra Rashi or Moon zodiac is the most important factor to determine the predictions of a person about the health, wealth and attitude.

What is Moon Sign Meaning? - Moon planet located in which zodiac in a birth chart called the Moon constellation. Chandra Rashi is based on planet Moon's position in the horoscope which called birth rising sign and which is based on first initials of a name called Chandra Rashi. It is known as name rising sign or Naam Rashi also. Chandra Rashi is two types.
Birth Moon Ensign - The Moon located at which zodiac in a birth chart, called birth Moon sign. It's can be found through the birth date or directly through birth horoscope. It is called Janam Rashi also.
Name Moon Ensign - Pronunciation of specific characters or letters in the start of a name is responsible for name Moon sign. It's can be found through the first name. Our rising sign calculator does this without birth time or date, calculate Chandra Rashi or Naam Rashi with predictions.

Online Moon Sign Calculator - Chandra Rashi Calculator - Name Moon Sign Finder - Moon Sign Predictions

Moon sign astrology Forecast - Ask Moon sign by name

Are you suffer from a question what is my Rashi, Find name moon sign online - For finding Rashi by name, you have to fill your first name to the online calculator. If you find some text by Rashi calculator, give attention for suggestion to find rising star correctly. Our Indian zodiac ensign finder calculates your name alphabet and tells your real Rashi and forecast.

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Moon Sign Calculator

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Which rising Sign should be use for astrology purpose?
Generally, many people use their forename which is not according to the birth horoscope, and as the result, they have the impact of two zodiacs in life. Indian astrology, advise to use your birth rising sign for your name so that you are not influenced controversy of two rising zodiacs. For example, A woman birth zodiac is Leo and her forename (Ex: Sapna) zodiac is Capricorn, then both zodiac and owners of them are enemies of each other and she will face controversy in life due to this.
But this is odd to change forename now, so what can you do !, Indian astrology says about this;

Moon Sign Forecast

The Mean of the above stanza is, "the Janam Rashi or birth Moon zodiac should be considered main rising symbol for forecast of an auspicious occasions like marriage, journey, muhurat and any auspicious work or knowing predictions for planet transit (Dasha), so there is no need to use Lunar zodiac for predictions."

"Naam Rashi or name Moon sign should be considered main for anticipating the forecast related to career, job, business, buying or selling, daily routine work, study, constructions, related to court case or enemy, related to the country, city, home, nomination and any paperwork. Related to worship or chant recitation and relation or compatibility to the lover or anyone."

If one does not know the birth time and date, mean native cannot know about own birth rising sign, then Indian astrology recommend to use Name Moon Sign for astrology purpose. You can check your Compatibility by name and your name related forecast on our site.

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