Vaastu Shastra - Ancient Vaastu Art - वास्तु शास्त्र

Ancient Indian Architecture Art

Vaastu Purush

Vastu is an ancient Indian architecture knowledge for homes and buildings. Read this page in Hindi.

वास्तु मंत्र - "नमस्ते वास्तु पुरुषाय भूशय्या भिरत प्रभो मद्गृहं धन धान्यादि समृद्धं कुरु सर्वदा"

Vaastu mantra - "Namaste Vastu Purushayay Bhusyya Bhirt Prbho Mdgriham Dhan Dhanyadi Samridam Kuru Sarvada"

Vaastu shastra is ancient architecture art of India. Homes and buildings should be constructed as per vaastu so that life filled with happiness. Vaastu Purush is considered as a deity in the Indian scriptures. Since ancient times there are many changes in human creation (home and building), Vastu shastra has been changed accordingly. Many of the current architectural theory do not match with ancient architecture, so humans are still not satisfied with vaastu, as example, according to ancient Vastu shastra, sewerage (toilet) should not be in the home, and it should be outside of home. But in present Vastu, it is recommended in Neshrtiya Kon (south-west) or in south. Indeed, Pitar and Yam (The deity) are considered deities of South-West and south direction, and then the place for sewerage or toilet in these directions is inappropriate. At the present time it is not synonymous.

Vaastu Shastra - Vastu Vidhya - Indian Vaastu - Vaastu for home, kitchen Vaastu, worship room, Vaastu rooms

Vaastu Shastra

The Directions and the angles

East - The direction of sunrise - Deity: Sun
North - Towards the left side of East - Deity: Kuber
West - Front of the East direction- Deity: Varun
South – Front of North direction - Deity: Yum
Ishan Kon - East-North corner - Deity: Shiva
Agni Kon – East-South corner - Deity: Fire
Vayavaya Kon – North-West corner - Deity: Air
Neshrty Kon - South-West corner - Deity: Pitar
Center – Center of all directions - Deity: Brahma

Home architectural (Graha Vaastu) - Vaastu of the main entrance gate

The main door of the home should be big door to the rest doors.
Doorstep should be on the main entrance so that flow of negative energy stops. Doorstep should be wooden (mango wooden).
Picture or statue of Lord Ganpati should be above the main door of the house, inside and outside (both), in the middle of door. Ganpati has nectar in his eyes and poverty in the back. Due to both side of Ganpati’s eyes, there will be effect of nectar.
Sound of the collapse in the main door invites sorrows and illness.
Northeast is considered the best for main entrance of the home. Agni kon and Neshrty Kon should be avoided for main entrance.
Main entrance of the home should be facing East or North. Mean Sunrise rays should be come from main entrance.

Kitchen architectural (Vastu)

Kitchen should be at Agni Kon (East-South) of the land. And the kitchen stove or gas should be situated at Agni kon of kitchen.
Stove or Gas fire should be not look from the outside of kitchen.
House of worship should be not above the sink of stove.
Kitchen must be not situated at North-East.
Northeast of kitchen should be managed for drinking water.
Electronic items keep towards South or East-South corner.
Picture of Goddess Annapurna should be in the kitchen.

Architectural of Worship room (Pooja ghar Vastu)

Worship room is well known at the Ishan Kon (Northeast).
Worship room is considered better if situated towards East or North.
Face of The God should be facing to East or North.
Worship room should be avoided on the first floor, in the basement, before the main entrance, on the terrace, in the master bedroom, under or before toilet.
Load (goods) should be avoided on the worship room.
Broken idol or picture should never situate in the worship room.
If you want to worship any idol, does not distinguished life of idol. And the statue should be not longer than two inches or thumb.
In the worship room place must be for own totem or deity.

Room Vaastu

The head of household’s room should be at Neshrty kon (Southwest angel), makes him chief authority of the home.
Other rooms should be situated at the North or East or North-west angle.
North-East angle should avoid for rooms.
During the sleeping head must be in South or East and legs must be in North or West on the bed.
Do not place mirror before the bed.
Keep the closet or wardrobe in Neshrty Kon (South-West corner). Keep wardrobe’s face towards North direction (direction of Kuber).
Do not place worship room or any picture of God in the master bedroom or any other room. But place the picture of Lord Krishna and Radha (as a love symbol) is allowed.
According to Vaastu Shastra, room of household person is in Neshrty Kon. And Neshrty Kon should be heavy from Ishan Kon.
Therefore heavy wardrobe should be situated in the Neshrtey of the room.
There should be not any iron beam above the closet or bed. Alternatively, place the pictures or stickers of Lord Ganesha (for nectar vision) on the beam’s both sides whose face towards floor.

Under-ground tank and overhead tank architectural (vaastu)

Under ground tank should be placed in the northeast angle besides any other angle.
Overhead tank should be placed in Neshrty Kon (for weight) or placed a small tank in northeast angle.

Other architectural rules (Vaastu Niyam)

Land should be square or rectangular. And all corners of land should be at 90 degrees.
If the land has skew ness than Vastu Purush considered skewed. And every deity of every direction and angle considered curve. Due to curvature of the curved deity, deity’s vision also consider curve (angry).
Rooms and walls should be square or rectangular on the land.
Keep Ishan Kon (East north) light in weight and keep Neshrtya Kon heavy.
Vaastu has influence on living person, even though tenant.
According to Markendaya Puran, keep copper urn, elephant, couple of peacock or peacock feathers, honey, mirror and butter oil into the house for inviting Goddess Laxmi.
Keep a small corner in the house for raw land. It has good influence of the planet Venus which is good for woman’s health and prosperity.
Avoid building any thing into the middle part (Brahma Kon) of home.
Vaastu worship should be managed to prevent bad influence of defects vaastu.

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