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Breathing Art - Future By Breathing

Swoarodaya is a Sanskrit word, Swara means continuous air flow through the nostrils in the nasal cycle and Udaya is producing and functioning state and vighyan as knowledge or science. Swara Sadhna means respiration or breathing science. According to Hindu scripture Lord Shiva produces psychic knowledge of Shiva Shastra. Its called Swara Yoga, Swar Shastra and Shiva Swarodaya also. Swara yoga is weird and awesome psychic skill in which any one can learn to do prophecy about any person. This is true art of breathing. In a one word this is "prophecy through own breathing". Five elements and three Swara called Surya, Chandra and Madhyma, are basic keys for a Yogi for predictions. Through the knowledge of Swara Vidhya, forecast can be make for past, present and future. And diseases can be turn into cure with the help of Swara Shastra. Every work gets success using right way of breath. This is ancient psychic knowledge or Vidhya of Lord Shiva and one who try to getting knowledge of Shiva Swarodaya, appease God Shiva. Indeed, this is phonetic astrology of breathing.

Shiva Yoga

Forms of Swara
Types of breaths describe in Swarodaya vighyan are
Ida/Lunar/Chandra/Left Swara
Pingala/Solar/Surya/Right Swara
Sushumna/Middle/Madhyam Swara

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स्वरोदय विज्ञान - Shiva Swarodaya Vighyan - Shiva Shastra - Swara Shastra - Breathing Art - Swara Shiva Yoga - Swara Vidhya

Swara Sadhna - Breathing Prophecy

Ida Swar - Chandra Swara - Left Breathing

In presence of Chandra or left swara, breathes inhalation and exhalation happen through left nostril and no air flow active through right nostril. It represents Moon and female energy called "Shakti". At active stage of Chandra swara, passive works (Somya karma), auspicious and virtuous actions or works recommended for doing as a basic principle of swarodaya. So that work becomes turn in to success. Passive, auspicious works such as purchasing, marriage, peaceful works, enjoy full works, dancing recommended in Swara sastram in presence of Chandra Swara.

Pingala Swar - Surya Swara - Right Breathing

In presence of Surya/right swara, breathes inhalation and exhalation happen through right nostril and no air flow active through left nostril. It represents Sun and male energy called Shiva.

At active stage of Surya/right swara, exertional, challenging, physical, rough and non virtuous works (Krura karma) recommended for doing as another basic principle of Swarodaya. So that work can get success. Exertional, non virtuous works such as selling, fighting, taking medicine, sports activity, intake of food, worst actions and physical work, solving mathematics or problems, sensual enjoyments, sleeping at night, study, learning, traveling and argument with people may be done successfully when Surya Swara is running.

Sushumna Swara - Middle Respiration - Madhyma Swara

In presence of Sushumna or Madhyma swara, breathes inhalation and exhalation happen through both right and left nostrils. Flow of air may be equal or little differs from each other nostril flow. It represents element of sky and combination of male and female energy which can be called Ardhnarishwar or Shiva and Shakti.

At active stage of Sushumna, holy works, meditation, donations, worship of the God, spiritual works, chanting are recommended for doing as one other basic principle of Swarodaya. All other works and worldly activities give result of unsuccessful during running of Madhyma Swara.

Psychic Tips on Shiv Swarodaya Shastra :

1. Intake of meal and food recommended during running of Surya swara, active stage of right breathes flow keeps metabolism system correct and well.

2. If a person suffers from any minor diseases such as cold, fever, acidity, blood pressure, hypertension, headache and other small diseases, the person should change the pattern of running chord. Changing of running breaths can stop or slow down the diseases and make the performer healthy after some time. Way of Changing Swara yoga is very simple, lay down on the bed or earth towards the running breaths for 10-25 minutes. for example, if right side breath is running, lay down taking side of right direction.

3. If Yogi or performer wants to know about past, present or future of self or other person. At first think and understand the question then examine own active breath. After determined the running breath, calculate the nature of question for which work its belongs. If question and Swara belong same nature than answer will be positive, and on contra stage answer will be negative. Answer will be negative always in presence of Sushumna Swara.

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Phonetic astrology - Swarodaya Prediction

Swara Sadhna recommended to ask question like :

1. Will there be a divorce?
2. Will this deal beneficial for me?
3. Am I pregnant?
4. Will I get the Job?

You should not ask question like :

1. Why there will be a divorce?
2. Which deal beneficial for me?
3. Whenever I will be pregnant?
4. Which job I will get?

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पार्वती माता भगवन शिव से पूछती है " हे प्रभु ! मेरे पर कृपा करके सर्व सिद्धिदायक ज्ञान कहिये, ये ब्रमांड कैसे उत्तपन हुआ, कैसे स्थित होता है, और कैसे इसका प्रलय होता है ? हे देव ब्रमांड के निर्णय को कहो | महादेवजी बोले " तत्व से ब्रमांड का निर्माण हुआ है, इसी से इसकी पालना होती है और इसी से इसका विनाश होता है | निराकार प्रभु महादेव से आकाश उत्त्पन हुआ, आकाश से वायु, वायु से अग्नि, अग्नि से जल और जल से पृथ्वी उत्त्पन हुई है, इसी से ब्रह्माण्ड का निर्माण हुआ है और अंत में सब तत्व में विलीन हो जाता है, फिर सूक्ष्म रूप में तत्व ही रमण करता है | इन्ही पञ्च तत्वों की मनुष्य देह है और देह में सूक्ष्म रूप से ये पञ्च तत्व ही वर्तते है | स्वर के उदय में ये पञ्च तत्व ही समाये है, स्वर का ज्ञान सारे ज्ञानो में उत्तम है, हे देवी स्वर में सम्पूर्ण वेद और शास्त्र है स्वर में उत्तम गायन विद्या है स्वर में सम्पूर्ण त्रिलोकी है, स्वर ही आत्म स्वरुप है | ब्रमांड के खंड तथा पिंड, शरीर आदि स्वर से ही रचे हुए है, संसार की सर्ष्टि करने वाला महेश्वर भी साक्षात् स्वर स्वरुप ही है | स्वर और तत्वों को जानने वाला मेरे अनुग्रह का भागी होता है | इससे उत्तम ज्ञान न देखा गया है न सुना गया है

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