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Plan My Baby - Plan Genius Child Through Birth astrology

Baby planning astrology

How to plan your healthy and lucky child before pregnancy and birth

This article in based on Indian scriptures and Indian astrology, to know best time for baby birth astrology methods for planning of an unborn baby, or how to plan future of a genius child before being pregnant.
Many parents want to plan a baby before birth through astrology for their health and future of baby. But if child has no good luck in their horoscope and life then baby will survive in life. Here are many astrology methods for this to plan a child before birth. The actual life journey of a baby begins from when a woman conceived. This born baby astrology describes auspicious days to conceive a child. But have to know best time before being pregnant for intercourse. Any method described in this page, is not 100% safe and accurate. Use of any method or remedy is subject to user's own risk and choice, we are not responsible for any unwanted result.

Plan your baby - How to planned future child before birth and pregnancy - Vedic plan your baby - Remedy for healthy child

Vedic and astrology remedy and plans for conceive a healthy and best child

Thousands years ago, Indian sages discover the auspicious time to conceive a child according astrology and Vedic discipline, so that, the child will has a bright future, good luck and healthy in life. In the "Markendaya Puran" scripture (this is the part of Veda), Madalasa said to her son Alerk for planing of child that parents should avoid the first four days of menstruation for intercourse, and intercourse should be done on some specific even or odd nights for child. The same was said, in the "Shrimad Devi Bhagwat" by Goddess Devi.

According to Indian sages and astrology, parents should follow these rules if these below rules have conjunction with these odd or even nights. Because good conjunctions of Nakshtra, Thithi, days make it safe and easy and will be good for baby. These rules apply for both boy and girl. It can be planned according to nights.

Best intercourse time for pregnant
5th night - Ordinary baby
6th night - Ordinary child
7th night - Ordinary baby
8th night - Ordinary child
9th night - Prospered baby
10th night - Prospered child
11th night - Ordinary baby
12th night - Humble child
13th night - Ordinary baby
14th night - Holly child
15th night - Rich baby
16th night - Genius child

Auspicious days to conceive a child

Planning a baby birth astrology
Intercourse should be done at specific even night or odd nights. Count the day or night first of menstruation as odd and second as even and so on ahead.

The good conjunctions of Nakshtra and intercourse nights are Rohini, Margshir, Purvafalguni, Purvashadha, Purvabadrapad, Aarda, Punarvsu, Pushya, Hast, Chitra, Swaati, Anuradha, Sharvan, Ghanishtha, Shatbhisha, Uttarafalguni, Uttarashadha, Uttrabhadrapad.

The good conjunctions of Thithi and inter course nights are Divitiya, Tritiya, Panchmi, Sapatmi, Dashmi, Dawadashi and Tryodashi.

The good conjunctions of days and intercourse nights are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The bad conjunctions of Nakshtra and inter course nights, which should be avoided, are Jyeshtha, Magha, Mool, Ashlesha, Vishakha. Chaturthi, Ashtmi, Navmi, Chaturdashi, Purnima and Amavasya should be avoided on these days. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday should be avoided also. The bad yoga and time should be avoided at intercourse night, its are Bhadra kaal, Sarhaad divas, time of afternoon and evening.
First four days of menstruation should be avoid, and the days should be avoided which tell about ordinary child.

Check the auspicious days to conceive a baby at

Vedic Child Planner

Religious method - Mantras for conceiving a healthy child

According to Jain scriptures for holly, lucky and healthy baby, future mother should do recitation of 22th mantra of Jain Bhaktamer Stotra from pregnancy to child birth. The chant for healthy child is

Mantras for conceiving a healthy child

Use of any method or remedy on this article "plan my baby" is subject to user's own risk and choice, we are not responsible for any unwanted result. These predictions or remedy and methods not present any medical advise or treatment on this site, these are astrology or spiritual anticipate only. Readers are advised to consult his/her doctor first. Use of any remedy or prediction shown on this page, is subject to visitor's own choice, own liability and risk. Copyright © Information

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